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Swimming with Dolphins

A trip to see dolphins in Zanzibar can be a wonderful experience, as the island of Zanzibar, located off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, is known for its diverse marine life, including various species of dolphins. Here's what you should know about a Zanzibar dolphin trip:

Types of Dolphins: In Zanzibar, you can encounter several types of dolphins, with the most common being the bottlenose dolphins and the humpback dolphins. Spinner dolphins are also frequently spotted.


Location: The best place to go for dolphin watching in Zanzibar is on the south coast, specifically in Kizimkazi, which is a small fishing village. The shallow coastal waters here provide a habitat for dolphins.


Timing: Dolphin sightings are most common in the early morning hours. Many tour operators offer sunrise dolphin tours to increase your chances of seeing them.

Tour Options: You can book a dolphin watching tour with local tour operators, which typically involve boat trips. These tours are led by experienced guides who know the best spots to find dolphins. Make sure to choose a responsible tour operator that practices ethical dolphin-watching guidelines.

Snorkeling: Some tours combine dolphin watching with snorkeling, allowing you to swim with the dolphins if they are in a suitable area. However, it's essential to be respectful and maintain a safe distance from the animals to avoid disturbing them.

Season: The best time for dolphin watching in Zanzibar is during the dry season, which runs from June to October. During this period, the sea is usually calmer, making it easier to spot dolphins.

Respect Wildlife: It's essential to respect the wildlife during your trip. Keep a reasonable distance from the dolphins, avoid making loud noises, and do not touch or feed them. Remember that they are wild animals and deserve to be treated with care and respect.

Conservation: Be aware of the conservation efforts in Zanzibar to protect the dolphins. These animals are vulnerable to disturbances, and it's important to support responsible tourism practices that minimize their impact on the local marine ecosystem.

Safety: Ensure that the tour operator provides life jackets and follows safety regulations.


Photography: If you want to take photos or videos during your trip, make sure to use cameras with underwater housing and be cautious not to disturb the dolphins or their habitat.

living dreams travel tours and safaris
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