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Horse Riding

Horse riding in Zanzibar is a unique and enjoyable way to explore the island's diverse landscapes, including beautiful beaches, villages, and coastal areas

Here's what you can expect when you go horse riding in Zanzibar:

1. Location: Horse riding tours are typically available in various parts of Zanzibar, especially near the coast where you can enjoy beach rides. Popular locations include Nungwi, Paje, and Kiwengwa, among others.

2. Scenic Rides: The rides often take you through picturesque landscapes such as pristine beaches, coastal dunes, and local villages. You'll have the chance to admire the natural beauty of the island from a different perspective.

3. Suitable for All Levels: Horse riding tours in Zanzibar are usually suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners. Knowledgeable guides and well-trained horses are available to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

4. Beach Rides: Beach rides are a popular choice, allowing you to canter along the shoreline and even ride into the water if you're comfortable with that. The beaches in Zanzibar are known for their white sands and crystal-clear waters.

5. Village Tours: Some horse riding tours include visits to local villages, where you can learn about the culture and daily life of the people. These tours provide a cultural dimension to your ride.

6. Sunset Rides: Riding during the golden hours can be a magical experience. Many operators offer sunset rides, where you can watch the sun dip below the horizon from horseback.

7. Wildlife Encounters: Depending on the location, you may encounter wildlife like birds, monkeys, and other animals during your ride.

8. Duration: The duration of horse riding tours can vary. You can choose from short rides that last a couple of hours to full-day excursions.

9. Responsible Tourism: Responsible tour operators prioritize the welfare of their horses and follow ethical and sustainable practices. They also adhere to safety standards and provide helmets for riders.

10. Booking: It's a good idea to book your horse riding tour with a reputable operator or through your accommodation. They can provide information about the available options and tailor the experience to your preferences.

11. Experience Levels: If you have prior horse riding experience, let your guide know, as they can customize the ride to your level of skill and comfort.


Horse riding in Zanzibar offers a delightful way to explore the island's natural beauty and culture while enjoying the serenity of the coastal environment. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, this experience can be a memorable part of your Zanzibar adventure.

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