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living dreams travel tours and safaris

About Us

We are proud to have grown to be the leading Destination Management Company in Zanzibar. As a result, Living Dreams Travel Tours & Safaris Ltd sets standards for the market in terms of service quality and product quality.

Moreover, we always find innovative and creative ways to infect our guests with our love for our unique little island. And most of all, during this long period, we have established close partnerships with investors, suppliers, and local communities.

Through permanent training of our staff, we improve our standards. Moreover, the Living Dream tours team is surely driven by its love and passion for East Africa and its people.


Follows  strict company rules when it comes to sustainable tourism.

Due to growth of tourism in the Indian Ocean destinations – and here in Zanzibar, sustainability is a very import factor for success.

COVID 19 Protections

All over the world we have been affected by the pandemic, so due to the precautions that everyone must have them all our stuffs are vaccinated, we follow every action to protect our guest such as use of sanitizers and wearing of mask.

living dreams travel tours and safaris
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